My Flaws

My flaws are a lot like yours.

I judge too quickly.
I hate too often.
I hold needless grudges.
I become jealous of others success.
I make excuses for my flaws.

I could keep writing this list until my dying day, but we are not defined by our flaws, we are defined by how we act.

If you let your flaws contour your emotions you will always be bitter.

I was bitter for so long. I would say I am still bitter to some degree, but I’m working on that particular flaw.

Smile everyday.
Open doors for people.
Say hello to strangers.
Be kind for no reason.
Give without the thought of reward.
Be humble.

You will find your life becomes much nicer when you do the small and simple things.

What bout this on you ask. I saw my true reflection, much like Dorian Grey did and I didn’t recognise the person starting back at me.

When you look in the mirror who do you see?