A Short Story of Love

As the light fades, he slowly starts to disappear.

Running to him she is met with only a formless shadow.

Tears run down her face.

“I love you… I always have.” She weeps.

“I know.” He says. His last words as he fades away with the light.

Then, just like that, she was alone once more. 

Their time was brief, but his memory will be eternally etched in to her heart forever.

That was, and always is love.


I was told I look sad. That when what is written is read it’s like they don’t even know me.

Perhaps it’s true, but at least writing it in to the endless mass of cyber space keeps it from bothering the people in the real world.

I have always been a distant person, only choosing to let in those I trust but experience has taught me that even those people still let you down when it comes down to the breaking point.



Real life?

People are free to make their own choices to how they see the world.

This sadly is mine.