To Save a Life

I saved a young woman’s life today.

She had flaming red hair with emerald green eyes. We caught each other’s gaze, it seemed like time stopped for the briefest of moments.

As reality and the once again began to fill my world I could hear something getting closer. 

As she stepped out on to the road with out hesitation I threw my arm around her waist and pulled her close, narrowly avoiding the car that came speeding past.

I can hear her heart beating through her chest. Her eyes wide with shock and her hands trembling.

She says not a word and pulls away from me as if I meant her harm. Then running across the road she has another near miss.

It left me with a puzzled thought, maybe she deliberately stepped out, perhaps she wanted the car to hit her…

I will never know. All I can be certain of is this; It was not my place to help, nor would it ever be.