Living the Dream or Living in a Dream?

To live the dream is a goal admired by many, but actually is living the dream? 

Do you amass such wealth as never to want for more ever again… People always want more, greed shatters that dream.

Perhaps it’s owning several properties, fast cars or possessions… Again this dream will fall, but not to greed; oh no pride is the cause of this downfall. The pride of having the ‘best’ and not settling for less.

Maybe power you do seek, this is the magnum opus, the quintessential top of the pyramid. This is where many want to be and they all suffer at the hands of the same demon… Fear, for there is no greater threat than the thought of losing your power.

All of those who claim to live the dream are simply living in a dream. They believe so strongly that it will always be the way they want, they refuse to wake up and see that their dream is not meant for this world.

It seems to me that those who dream of living the dream are really dreaming of living.