I am currently sat in a quiet, quaint and friendly coffee shop.

The atmosphere is very calming to me because everyone has one thing in common.

Can you guess what it might be?


It’s the fact that everyone is different and they’re not ashamed of it.

There is a small group of young mothers of all s hopes and sizes talking about their results so far in Slimming World. Each congratulate the other and listen to what they have to say before someone else speaks, no one is talking over another person, they all have level of respect.

The same goes for the elderly builders tucking in to a full English. They are happily chatting amongst themselves and don’t seem to care what else is going on.

Now I am not saying that ignoring the world is always a good thing, but what I can see from all of these people is quite inspiring. They all seem to be genuinely happy, perhaps we can all learn to forget about the stigma of the world and just be happy in ourselves.

What makes YOU happy?