The Path Ahead

I can feel the Qi around me once again. Sitting in the secluded river pass helped calm my soul, I could feel everything that was around me.

Sitting with my eyes closed I felt a sharp chilling pain travel up my arm. Turning to see what was approaching from the distance I can see a person worth avoiding, but I decided to stay the course and remain seated but ready.

The presence drew ever closer until the chill travels across my body and through my other arm. I had gone unnoticed. Watching each step take the rotting Qi away from me I felt warmth return, once I gathered my thoughts I decided to leave. I can feel several jagged presences gathering from afar, it was almost suffocating.

What was down the opposite path?

Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.

I must once again being my practice. I must regain my connection. It has been 5 years since that time. Since I lost control… This time it will be different.