The same but not…

We treat people differently. It has always been this way, it will always be this way.

Things change, but not that much.

I was watching a man working in a coffee shop. He was tall, handsome and incredibly polite, but it seemed that he had suffered a stroke at some point in his life. I can only imagine what it must be like to go from what the majority consider ‘normal’ to having almost all of your basic abilities stopped away.

He was working diligently, but I could see the frustration behind his eyes and worst of all I could see the pity behind everyone else’s… Including my own.

I can hear all the silent question that everyone asks, ‘What’s wrong with him?’.

Two woman were sat across from me, a disgusted look covered their faces as he brought their drinks over. I felt a burning rage rising from the bottom pit if my stomach. It took all of my control not to snap at them.

Such ignoramuses.

The best we can ever hope for is understanding and perhaps one day the many will see beyond what they can’t accept.

The funniest part, out if everyone in the coffee shop he was the only one smiling all the time. He was the only one who appreciated the life he now had, he was the only one who seemed truly happy because he was still here.

We are too greedy. We are too selfish.

This memory and thought is something I will carry with me from this day forth.