That One Regret

If the world was to end tomorrow what would be the one regret you admit in those last few futile seconds before total annihilation?

An unspoken love?
Losing connection with someone?
Not taking the chance life gave you?

Or would you be one of those who claim to have no regrets?

As for me… Well that would be an interesting regret, though it was not for money, riches, recognition or even power no one would ever understand the self imposed burden of my averous.

2 thoughts on “That One Regret

  1. I regret never saying “Sorry” when I had the chance. In my last moments on this god forsaken earth I wan’t to remember the ones I love most because past all the meaningless tripe only they stand out – like a beacon shining through the still dark. Time passes, bridges burn but the memory doesn’t fade it doesn’t lose it’s meaning.

    I’m tired, but I can’t bear not seeing you and them.

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