The Way of The World

Staring in to those eyes. Staring in to that face. I can see history written from the scars of the heart. 

Why does it happen? 

There is no reason. No consequence of fate. There is only unlogical madness, which is as it always was, the true will of a person. 

This is the way of the world, for it is written on each persons face, like the pages of a book with no meaning. Just words… Meaningless words. 

So many who misunderstand will believe they’re owed something, anything, but what does it matter? 

It doesn’t. Just like a meaningless word written on a face. 


Success makes them change
People grow
So different, so strange

The mood shifts too and throw
Grace is forgotten
Bitter success is left to show

The heart becomes rotten
Achievement destroys their soul
Words now filled with fluff and cotton

Attitudes become foul
Personalities begin to crumble
Smiles turn to scowls

Be Humble
Be Humble

Bitter Sweet Irony

Suddenly I became frozen in time as the world around me continued to move at a lightning pace. I was paralysed by what I had seen, my heart stopped. Reality came crashing down and I was surrounded by a crushing and bitter truth.

Feelings of elation, joy, passion began to boil over but those feelings were not alone. Loathing, hate and disgust lay on top of them like a think layer of oil sitting on the surface of the sea. I found the distasteful irony almost too much to bear, resulting in a jaded laugh of which no one would ever understand.

Once the initial rush of emotion subsided there was nothing left but a harrowing feeling of emptiness, it was as if someone had seen a light creeping from under a door that should not have been opened, peaked inside, turned out the light and closed the door forever so that no one else would have to witness the monstrosity that lay behind it.

I take comfort in knowing what I know. Yea, it’s enough.

Eyes wide shut

Once again the day draws to a close. Heads hit pillows, eyes begin to shut and we slip from the conscious world of the living.

My eyes wide shut, I can see their faces. The way they stare, the way they try so hard to stir a reaction. Little do they know that once you understand you no longer fear.

Yearn to understand and that will be enough.