She loves him, you can see it in her eyes
He smiles at her always wondering, why?



We are all connected… Tied to the darkness… There are those among us that know the feeling and there are those that don’t.

It is strange how two people emotional states can be interlinked and in tune, despite not being near one another or even speaking.

I woke this morning with a great feeling of sorrow. I knew not why, I just knew I had to make contact as soon as possible.

Words do not need to be spoken. That is the relationship we have.

All I have is this to say:

“You’re not alone. You are my kin. I am here for you.”

A Rare Sight

A rare sight that was to see
The look of happiness with a hint of more
It’s exactly the same when they look at me

They turn and smile walking out the door
Thoughts a clear as day
Memories stir of times before

Friends is what we stay
Long chosen in the times of old
A sensible choice to be that way

Reminiscing stories of being bold
I pray for her future, her happiness, for her to fall in love
Warming smiles ease the chilling cold

I hope she takes the chance given from above
I hope she doesn’t stay trapped like a caged dove

Chain of Memories

A song can hold meanings that transcend words, thoughts and even feelings.

They often are beholden with a chain of memories, but as with all chains not matter how strong the weakest link will always falter.

I start to think about my own chain of memories held in songs, each has its own distinct resonance and I’ve been lucky enough not to encounter the weakest link that shatters the chain… yet.

At least with the beauty of song we can choose the chains.

So Quiet.

It seems so quiet tonight.

There is no wind, no rain, no stars and no light.

All there is is the silent black abyss.

The scariest thing is not being alone in such a place.

It is being alone with only your thoughts that is truly frightening.

There is nothing worse than the memories you fear to relive.

We pray for a sound to break the silence, a flicker of light to crack the black veneer or the sound of falling rain to drown out those thoughts.

Silence is the beginning and the end…