Another lesson learnt

Passion without pain is meaningless, it just leaves us lusting for more instead of understanding what had real meaning.

Spending time away from modern comforts in the pursuit of passion was not without it’s pain, the life one is accustomed too once removed can be frightening.

Leaving behind everything for a mere week is by no means a tall order, but not one that was easy. It shows how selfish we really are, how we cling to what we know because we think it matters… How wrong we are.

Do you know what is really important?

What we can and can’t live without?

Or, are you one of the many who delude themselves, like I did, in to believing that routine is all important.

This simple reprieve has shown me what I can happily live without, what is replaceable and what is not.

Sometimes people are worth more than routine, sometimes people are worth the change.

Walk with me?

Will you walk with me?
Fly away and ascend to the heavens
Leaving behind this world of grey
Rising up with glory and glee.

Shall we walk among the stars?
Dance along the Milky Way
Slingshot around Orion’s Belt
Or shall we find a place to settle and stay…

What shall we do?
This risk is small but the reward is great
It’s a chance for all that few do see
There is no fate but what we make.