Acceptance of it all.

I found over time my style of writing changed as I grew and learned from my experiences, but most of all my writing began to change when I learned acceptance.

Reading some of my old posts was somewhat self indulgent but I saw something, it was scattered and fragmented throughout each post and poem, it was an unwilling reluctance to accept and let go.

As the days turned to weeks, the weeks to months and the months finally to over a year I learned to accept that which was.

Do I still hurt?

From time to time yes, but the context is so different. No longer am I chained by the past, but the memory will remain as long as I stay in the same place.

The time has come once again to grow up and move on.

The time has come to leave it all behind and start over, but this time I will get it right.

What once was, is now nothing more than a beautiful nightmare and finally what it should have been a long time ago… a memory.