Silly Girl

I find this life truly amusing.

What should matter doesn’t, what shouldn’t matter does and everyone who is meant to be your friend actually turns out to be just like the rest.

Perhaps I am just bitter, or maybe I am just one of few who accept the world for what it is… Remorseless.

By her own admission she was pleased things stayed civil between us, but now she isn’t getting her own way she has become that petty insolent child that so many told me she was. It is a sad thought because I always defended her as I felt perhaps she was the victim, perhaps people really did need to give her a break. But apparently that is not the case.

I feel so disappointed in people.

Those who know me should understand that the more I am forced in a certain direction that is not of my choosing the more resilient I become.

I can see falling rubble hurtling towards me, soon to smash the walls of my comfort and shake the foundations of my peace, but, I have nothing to loose because I learnt a long time ago that if something material is lost it can be regained.

Pride is my deadliest sin. It keeps me safe but at the same time it also keeps me alone.