Fireworks illuminate the skies
The streak across it like shooting stars
Children’s sparklers flicker like fire flies
As the dance in the road where there are no cars

I watch the fireworks colours as they change
Their grace brings smiles and joy to many a place
Standing still in this open range
The cold chill brushes my face

The flames of the fire are warm
It draws you close with its tempting glow
You get closer still, then a scar is born
Hot to touch, how I learn so slow

The Tears if Frustration

Tears of frustration… How many have you shed?


Or perhaps a number close the the infinite.

These are the tears that often mean the most. They hold the memories of beautiful rage, the memories of love, hate and everything in-between.

Never be ashamed, they mean you cared, they mean you learnt, they mean you’re human.

We have all cried these tears… these tears of frustration.

What do they mean?

What you mean to me
It’s more than words can describe
Come on a journey, and you’ll see

In the end only you can decide
If my love, is enough for you
I won’t run, nor will I hide

Just think of all that we’ve been through
It’s been tough, it’s been fun
After all that what I say is true

I’m here for you, you don’t have to run
I want to make you smile, even when you moan
You are my stars, my moon, my sun

I want to give you a place, that you can call home
I’ll be always here for you, so you never feel alone.

A river of stars

A river of stars
As wide as the eye can see
Elegant, peaceful and pure
You sit and watch, you feel free

A river of stars
They bring a smile to an aching face
Illuminating weary eyes
Through their flowing grace

A river of stars
Always there but never the same
Lighting the sands, the seas and the sky
Each are unique, burning bright with pure white flame

A river of stars…. a river, of stars.

Another lesson learnt

Passion without pain is meaningless, it just leaves us lusting for more instead of understanding what had real meaning.

Spending time away from modern comforts in the pursuit of passion was not without it’s pain, the life one is accustomed too once removed can be frightening.

Leaving behind everything for a mere week is by no means a tall order, but not one that was easy. It shows how selfish we really are, how we cling to what we know because we think it matters… How wrong we are.

Do you know what is really important?

What we can and can’t live without?

Or, are you one of the many who delude themselves, like I did, in to believing that routine is all important.

This simple reprieve has shown me what I can happily live without, what is replaceable and what is not.

Sometimes people are worth more than routine, sometimes people are worth the change.

Walk with me?

Will you walk with me?
Fly away and ascend to the heavens
Leaving behind this world of grey
Rising up with glory and glee.

Shall we walk among the stars?
Dance along the Milky Way
Slingshot around Orion’s Belt
Or shall we find a place to settle and stay…

What shall we do?
This risk is small but the reward is great
It’s a chance for all that few do see
There is no fate but what we make.

What is pain?

I feel cold.
I feel hollow.
I feel nothing…

I can’t allow myself to fall back in to that dark abyss again.
The lies and deceit caused so much damage.
There is no other pain like the pain of Love.

I pray you never fell it.

Winters slip

The clouds cover the skies,
Winter is approaching,
The cold chill creeps in,
Like a longer fingered hand encroaching.

The frost is clear,
Like a sheet of glass on the path,
It’s beautifully deadly,
It Only takes one slip to break you in half.

Snowdrops start to fall,
Across the land the lay,
Protecting the land
It’s a shame they can’t stay.