Just listen…

Why is it those closest to me will pick everyone else’s side but mine?

A distinct lack of understanding emirates from them. This irritates me because when they want to be angry I let them be angry, I offer my support and stand by their side weather they are right or wrong.

Again and again I seem to be on my own, wanting nothing more than an ear to listen and not hold it against me.

I guess my attitude will always leave me in this situation.

We can either fall together, or stand alone. The latter always seem easier.

2 thoughts on “Just listen…

  1. I have noticed that people do this too. I have always been very sensitive though and attuned to social situations, as you seem to be too in that you defend your loved ones. Other people who don’t share this quality don’t realize that we find it offending. Stay strong and remember that your opinion of yourself is the most important one.

    All the best,

    • I appreciate your kind words. I will continue to move forwards, I always do. I find it sad that often times people just miss the simple power of lotalty.

      That said, as long as people need helping I shall be the fool the play crutch.

      Glutton for punishment says I.

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