Double Standards

A man will hit a woman and become a brute, but when a woman hits a man she becomes a hero… Are world is riddled with double standards, half truths and people to ignorant to learn the full story of any situation.

I was watching a young couple argue. It stemmed seemingly from nothing, they bickered fiercely until she stands and throws hot tea in to his face. It was at this point I got between then and asked why would she do such a dangerous thing.

Her attention and anger turned to me, but she still could not give a reason. Instead she decided to raise her hand to me in an attempt to scare and remove me from the situation. All she did was make herself look foolish after I looked at her with disgust.

I do not know why she did what she did, but what ever her reason does it make it right? I found the simple fact that many onlookers were watching with an almost gleeful eye at seeing this young lad get berated by his partner. A look of “Well done girl, you fight the male oppression.”, such dimwitted fools we are.

If the situation was reversed I would have no doubt that I would not have been the only one to have stepped in, chances are if her was the aggressor he would have been lynched by the mob.

I guess no matter the situation we will always have a bias view, and I guess there will always be double standards.