Staring in to the distance.

There is woman who sits across from me, no older than mid thirties. She stares in to the distance seemingly detached from the world and her surroundings. She wears a deep blue dress that stands out from the crowd, but no one it seems notices this.

Her hair is a dark red and her eyes emerald green, her disposition fascinates me. I have not seen look like this before, it is almost a look of longing. As I glance over she does not notice, she is totally absorbed in her own world. I wonder what she is thinking?

I see a mark on her ring finger where a ring once used to sit, she touches the space while staring off in to nothing, is she divorced or widowed? It’s clear that what ever her past that ring that is no longer present was of great significance.

Suddenly her expression changes, she smiles, stands up and leaves the coffee shop. Just like that someone so lost in thought returned to the world of conscious thought, put on her mask and continued her life. I will never know the story behind the missing ring, I will only know that it had a deep meaning and that what ever the reason she was never the same after its removal.

I guess its not what we see that tells us the most about a person, nor is it what they say. It’s what we don’t see or hear that matters the most.

It’s what we don’t see or hear that tells us the story of where someone what been and where they are going.