Have I reached my limits?

It’s like I’m living in a state of constant time dilation, everything around me has all but ground to a halt and I feel powerless to change it.

Staring out of this coffee shops window I see the same faces, they have the same expression as the previous day.

What a way to live.

I need change. The dreary monotonous life that has become, is suffocating. I can tolerate it no more. Only one task remains for me to achieve, it is only a short time before I complete it and then I can make the change I need.

To start again and feel the adversary known as struggle to settle will be a welcome release from the boredom of comfort.

I wonder, when I make this jump will I yearn for what I’ve freely given up? Or will I relish the challenge as climb higher than before?

There’s only one way to find out.