If woman ruled the world…

I have been thinking, what if woman ruled the world would we learn? Or Would the same problems still arise because just like before because no one every really wants to listen.

Men are brash and value themselves highly we never listen and just plow on through, but woman, they speak and their friends listen. Some are strong and wise, they will help for no other reason except because they feel they should. Others will listen and steer the conversation towards their own problems, and a few will let themselves be used, simply because they want to feel needed, valued, wanted…

Watching how woman interact is fascinating. They are attentive, caring and selfless, but with a reason, none of them want to be seen as bad by those they consider of a similar ilk, many of the smiles seen are mere pleasantries, nothing more than a curtsy. I wonder what their ulterior motives are?

What is my logic for this thinking? Because every woman who asks me why I decide to help people and shoulder a burden always say “Why would you do it? What’s your reason?”. This serves as proof to me that there is always something more, we judge based on how we see the world, Perhaps it’s seeking approval, compassion, trust or companionship, I’m not sure yet.

If woman ruled the world I feel we would face the same problems we do now, with the only difference being a deepened sense of empathy for their fellow compatriots.

Men need to learn empathy and woman need to learn their own value.