I wonder…

I sit and watch the people, I can’t help but wonder, do they watch me too?

Friends, family, lovers and more. They all walk in and pause for that brief moment as all eyes are on them, it is like we’re all frozen in time for the briefest moment, a second comparable to an eternity passes until the clock had starts ticking once again.

Some share a smile, others a laugh, but all share a desire.

Dancing on the stream

The rain does dance on the stream
A colourless quartet appears before me
They dance, I listen, what could it mean

Sharp winds cleave the leaves from the trees
Falling in time, slowly, right before my eyes
Such unscripted beauty makes interesting thief’s

The rain stops, the clouds clear the sky
A cold chill is left in the air
That moment was shared by no one else but I.

Wisdom & Experience

It’s a rare compliment when a woman of worldly wisdom asks for the help and experience of the young.

A look of confusion had been haunting her for weeks, it seemed as if she wanted anyone just to sit and listen. I offered my ear so she could share her problem, it was one I had overcome a long time ago, we spoke and reminisced.

Her wisdom had kept her in a safe place, but eventually she succumbed to desire, drawing on my limited experience compared to hers I helped her regain perspective. I saw the vail lift and the clouds of her mind part, she had once again restored control.

As we sat and spoke, she told me of her life experiences, her stories, everything. The honesty was refreshing, she spoke of the multiple times she made the same mistakes and regardless she still continued to make them. It’s rare to speak to a person who shares my views on the world.

I took a lesson from her life stories that confirmed something I had thought for a long time: we never really change, we learn to calculate the risks and think about our actions, this helps us avoid certain situations and potential outcomes, but, in the end there will always be those mistakes we will relive time and agin.

The wisdom of age can truly be complimented by the experience of youth.