A Lesson

“It is only in the endless spirals of madness and desperate struggle that we learn who we are.

Fall, stand, cower or fight… It all comes down to how much we want to survive.”

Just listen…

Why is it those closest to me will pick everyone else’s side but mine?

A distinct lack of understanding emirates from them. This irritates me because when they want to be angry I let them be angry, I offer my support and stand by their side weather they are right or wrong.

Again and again I seem to be on my own, wanting nothing more than an ear to listen and not hold it against me.

I guess my attitude will always leave me in this situation.

We can either fall together, or stand alone. The latter always seem easier.

Who once they were…

Who once they were were a gentle and kind,
Who once they were of a similar mind,
Who once they were friends they did make,
Who once they were for granted they didn’t take,
Who once they were was a mask in the light,
Who once they were is now a sorry sight,
Who once they were they thought they knew,
Who once they were was never true.

Double Standards

A man will hit a woman and become a brute, but when a woman hits a man she becomes a hero… Are world is riddled with double standards, half truths and people to ignorant to learn the full story of any situation.

I was watching a young couple argue. It stemmed seemingly from nothing, they bickered fiercely until she stands and throws hot tea in to his face. It was at this point I got between then and asked why would she do such a dangerous thing.

Her attention and anger turned to me, but she still could not give a reason. Instead she decided to raise her hand to me in an attempt to scare and remove me from the situation. All she did was make herself look foolish after I looked at her with disgust.

I do not know why she did what she did, but what ever her reason does it make it right? I found the simple fact that many onlookers were watching with an almost gleeful eye at seeing this young lad get berated by his partner. A look of “Well done girl, you fight the male oppression.”, such dimwitted fools we are.

If the situation was reversed I would have no doubt that I would not have been the only one to have stepped in, chances are if her was the aggressor he would have been lynched by the mob.

I guess no matter the situation we will always have a bias view, and I guess there will always be double standards.

A year past

It has been a whole year since I started writing.

In that time there has been so much hurt and suffering, so much pain.

Over this time I have come to one indisputable conclusion: No matter how hard we try to avoid it, how far we run from it or how much we ignore it; change will always find us.

We as people don’t change much, we merely grown and learn. Through experience comes foresight and wisdom, the only difference between people who learn is the ability to use said knowledge.

Lets see if this time I can get it right.

The flow of Time

Again and again I see the same problems arise in different ways, but despite this there is still a world full of people who miss the point, they just don’t understand.

I personally have gotten to the point of disbelief with the majority.

Why I hear you ask? Because the majority want someone to tell them they can do what they’re doing and everything will be ok. I’m afraid I have some sad news for these people; it won’t be ok.

We are all subject to the flow of time. We can’t stop it, we can only accept its inevitable influence.