A Piano

The sound of a piano is graceful and sublime,
I lose myself in a dream of timeless time,
Listening to their sound is nothing short of Devine,
This sound helps calm these tattered feelings of mine.

Hopeless Hippocrates

Wandering minds can be a dangerous thing. Thinking too much about something too little.

In the end we just confuse ourselves, and create questions for problems that aren’t there. Right?

The problem is in the knowing of oneself, and how we work internally. To know your needs are not met in the slightest way leaves you wanting for more.

Those with this affliction will begin to distance themselves, it happens a little more each day, and once their pattern is realised it’s too late because the distance has become too great to bridge.

They expect people to know their thoughts, feelings and troubles, but they conceal their misery so well no one has the faintest idea. Are they expecting too much? Is it not easy to ask for help or a friendly ear?

We are the cause of our own collapse. The most ironic part of this true is we allow it to happen, because when we get the help we seek we deny our need for it. We push those people wanting to help away, and all because we claim they should have known sooner.

We are truly Hippocrates.