Tears of Rage

These tears that stream down my face,
They hide a calm and tranquil rage,
The frustration I feel knows no bounds,
I cry and await the beaconing hounds.

My hands now tied, theres nothing I can do,
The avalanche approaches at lightning speed,
There is no way out nor place to hide,
I cry and await the unchangeable tides.

Constant thoughts circle my head,
Drawing me in to an endless end,
Standing to face a self created hell,
I cry and await in this hopeless shell.

Falling Cards

My head is filled with thoughts and endless possibilities. People actions have caused the wheels to be set in motion, and now there is nothing I can do to stop the cards from falling.

By a persons own admittance and substantial evidence to their actions, the course of least resistance I hoped for is now unattainable. As a result of this a gentleman’s agreement can’t be upheld, nothing can be done.

My hands feel tied.

I shall prepare for the onslaught of what will come. It’s sad, because what I thought was over has only just begun, and now, once again, I have to leave the outcome to the wills of others.