We are no strangers to love,
We are the fates of time,
We are all free.

We are no longer held in the past,
We are the worthy or trust,
We are all alive.

We are no different,
We are the fools,
We are all human.

Staring at the Stars

This blog is filled with emotion. I can’t write without emotion. It shows how unstable I really am, and behind all of the strength I claim to have I am nothing more than a mere human. A person who feels, who cares, who hurts.

I sit and stare at the stars often. I’m always wondering who else is looking up at them too.

What are they thinking?
Are they alone?
Are they like me?
Is that person watching them also…

Looking at the stars provides no answers, it only gives me more questions.

There are times I want to break down and just let go of the restraint I have, and let go of all control. I want to act with only instinct but I fear this would be catastrophic.

The hole never becomes whole, it only fills the gaps it can.