Flurrying Emotions

A flurry of emotion was enraged at the very mention of her name. My heart rate sky rocketed, my pupils dilated and the adrenaline surged through my body.

Every conceivable feeling coursed through my body: Fear, Anxiety, Sadness, Happiness, Confusion, Hate and one which I wish i had never felt.

Once again the past is trying to drag its self up and cause me more torment. Why is it that which died so long ago keeps being reborn like the Phoenix from the ashes?

I act normal and many are unaware of the storm I conceal, no one can see it. The mental pressure is only released when I remember those words screamed at me what seems like a life time ago. These words echo through my very soul and pull at the scars of the heart, the emotion wants to burst out and erupt like a volcano. I cannot let this happen, for it will be the end of me.

The more the instinct of emotion takes hold the less I see. It like as if the world around me begins to fade to black, it feels like dying. The more I feel this the more it feels like something else takes over… something dark.

After regaining control I feel drained, but at least I’m still me, at least I’m still alive.

Blind to it All.

We are blind to it all.

Can you see it?

It’s right there, it’s right there calling to us.

If you cant see it, what can you see? Darkness, Light?

I see it, and it calls to me. It calls to my instincts, my passions, my desires. It calls to my weakness…

It sees in my soul and the hollow space of that which once was. It knows that which has stayed hidden for decades… It knows.

I know its words. I can hear them as clear as the sounds of falling rain. Through my blind eyes, I can see.

Can you see it? Does it call to you too?