That Moment

Moments in time pass by without ever being noticed.

I watch the masses walking, talking, going about their lives, totally oblivious to the subtleties of that which surrounds them. The quaint smiles from the girls when the apple of their eye walks past, the lustful glare of the men watching those girls wishing it was them they sought, yet blissfully unaware it could be them.

What opportunities will they miss as the silently picture how they want events to play out?

I can see their hope. They wait for fate to intervene and deal them a winning hand and a chance to be the hero. Some come close. As moment occurs I can see they gasp for air as their breathing becomes shallow, they are waiting for the excuse to say something as their paths have crossed and their stars aligned… Their eyes connect and time itself seems to stop.

Will they share a smile?
Will they strike a conversation that leads to something more?
Will they be brave enough to take that step towards each other?

The moment passes. No smile was shared, no words were spoken. The moment is gone.

What could have been? Anything, nothing or simply a smile? They will never know.

The can’t see it, they can’t see everything that is missed, but, I want to show them. I want to know how things could be, I want to be the influence that changes people lives and gives them that smile we only see in dreams and fairy tales.

If I could give them the world through my eyes I would, but, I can’t… I can only watch and hope they see it themselves one day.

The Rain

Drip drip drip goes the rain
The sound of each drop crashing in to the floor
People scurry to avoid the rain each attempt is made in vain
A gentle rattle as each drop falls off of the door
Drip drip drip goes the rain.