Hour Glass

Today I decided to try something different. I normally enjoy various flavoured teas, but today, was not one of those days; today I had a drip coffee.

Why? I simply asked for a surprise and this is what I was given.

As I sit and watch the sands of the hour glass trickle away towards what could be considered their destiny, I begin to think. All I need to do is simply turn the glass and again it would have purpose, it would go from being a lifeless inanimate object to a power that holds the one thing we all fear wasting: Time.

Each grain slowly disappears, there is no stopping it, I could prolong it by putting the glass on its side but it wouldn’t tsp that which is already in motion. Life is a lot like this.

Once life starts we can’t stop it. Each day another grain of sand falls from our own hour glass, one by one until eventually there is none left and we return to the land.
We can no more stop the time from flowing than we can stop the sun from setting, it’s a beautiful gift that is squandered because of the moments we cherish, yes, the moments we cherish are the reason many of us then proceed to try and stop time.

Many a day I have tried to relive a memory.

The scenes, the setting, the ambiance, the emotion… But not matter how many times I tried, I always failed. Trying to live in the past stops us living in the future.

The future is unknown, we can make predictions on the variables but if we’re honest we can never know what will really happen, and that frightens us. Our future could be better, it could be worse, it could be filled with our deepest hopes and desires or a worst nightmares and fears, and as a result we are petrified.

I do a lot of thinking, I am a great procrastinator when it comes to my own life, I can inspire people to great heights and yet I don’t believe my own words. It’s funny really, I can save others from so much, but despite this fact, I struggle to save myself.