Often we found ourselves under the burden of choice. Why is it all of our experience accounts for nothing when faced with a question we have been asked so many times before?

The simple answer: We want it all.

Do we delve into the rabbit hole and see how far we fall, or should we climb the vines to heights above the clouds?

After waiting so long, being unknowing of a persons emotions and unsure of their desires, to finally have them revealed was a welcome surprise, yet, it only adds to the complication.
The longer we wait the more we drift, each step we take closer down new avenues the further away from we move from our old destinations.

To have feelings for a person and yet feel hurt by their indicative nature is tormenting, to not know truly where you stand or how much longer you will have to wait before you’re allowed to understand that person further is maddening.
On the reverse of that coin is by and large their polar opposite, the antitheses of all they are. Fear seems to be nothing but an illusion, they act on impulse and raw emotion, like a volatile cocktail they’re ready to explode in to what could be passion beyond belief.

One will be something more, the other a mere memory in the vast expanse of time.

The question is which is which?

Maybe the only answer is to simply flip a coin and leave everything totally up to chance…