Delirious dreams

A dream so real, it felt like waking up was the dream.

Dreams hold our deepest desires, our deepest lusts, and fears. I have long since dismissed dreams for what they are -The hearts way of yearning for that which it wants.

As I lay there at the hour of 2:32am I am confronted by a slew of emotion, No tears were shed but the relentless sting persisted for an indeterminate amount of time. Falling asleep once again I begin walking, I no not where I go, I just walked, what was moments felt like years as I traversed what can only be described as the decollate plaines of my mind.

I find myself aligned more with Melancholy as I age. The music that resonates with me, the words that catch my attention, the emotions I sense with ease, they are all linked to this temperament.

Perhaps my walking is my minds eye’s way of saying my journey is far from over.