Simple Reactions

Do I look for that which is not there?

Has my gut feeling become corrupt or overpowered by my mind?

Have I succumbed, to paranoia?

The simple reactions of people show their true nature, how they treat the little things in their life and how they react to the big things all paint a picture. The words they use are burned in to our minds, even though they are only words to them, they show the true aspect of ones character.

I listen, I think, I watch as good deeds go unrewarded, nay, it is not the reward that has meaning but the simple act of gratitude that means the most. All I see is expecting and want, these are the forms of greed for the self proclaimed altruistic, it is a sad sight to behold.

Perhaps it would be better not to see, not to pick up on the small nuances and just lead a blissful life of ignorance like the rest. If only life was that easy.

We are what we are, nothing ever really changes. I seek hope in people only to be disappointed, but is that because I’m looking for it?

Have I lost my faith or have I been one of the unlucky to learn what people really are…

“Your words meant more to me than you realised, and your actions have left a scare on my heart. Your greed will be your undoing.”