Beauty or Beast?

The world is filled with Beauty’s just as it is filled with Beasts. Can it not then be filled with Beautiful Beasts and Beastly Beauties?

Beauties are often accepted without hesitation by the masses, never a doubt is in their mind that these are good genuine people, where as the Beasts of society are cast out and ostracised, no questions asked.

Our world is filled with prejudice and hate for those who are different.
The sad truth is though that most of the worlds ‘beauty’s’ are nothing more then empty hollows filled with malice and spite; they are poison coated with honey. Even worse is the fact that those feared for being different and who are denied the gift of acceptance are the ones who deserve it most.

We are cruel.

I have know many beautiful beasts as our world would call them. Each were kind and compassionate beyond belief, yet bitter and twisted from the unrelenting sadness they had lived in for so long.
Do we all not deserve to be equal? Apparently not…

The people that anger me are the beastly beauties, they have slaves fall at their feet because of the charade they adorn. So many fools that can’t see past their own naivety; it sickens me.

The spite that emirates from these people consumes all, leaving none unaffected, and still they are accepted, no, praised as if the were Gods among men. When did humanity lose it’s humanity and become nothing more than a flock of sheep ready to follow the brightest star?

Learn to love people for who they are. Get to know people and accept them, understand them and above all else look past their exterior.

Have you ever had someone stare into your eyes and pierce your soul? These are the people who see past the masquerades, these are the people who can grip you in fear because you feel totally exposed, these are the people you who see it all.
Learn to be one of these people and you will see the true wonders of the world.

Eyes can never lie.