Brief Moments

For the briefest of moments I was lost in the memory.

It felt so real.

Every time I looked at her I saw someone else’s eyes staring back at me.

The feeling lingered for but only a second, yet the disappointment will always last forever.

I regained my sense of self and came back to the world of the present.

Infrequent as these moments are, nothing has changed, it still hurts as much as it ever did. I can only hope that eventually such moments will be deprecated by decades rather than mere months.

What I see.

Across from me a young woman sits with her young child.

She plays joyfully with her. A smile stretched from ear to ear, a truly joyous sight to behold.

I wonder is anyone else sees the remnants of a hollow stare in the mothers eyes?

Her child is her life, she has given her entire love to this child.

The mothers wrists are covered with bands and bangles. As the child playfully pulls the back my suspensions were confirmed. Scars. Her history is etched into her skin, her pain is worn in a constant reminder.

The mothers gaze is fixated, it does not deviate, a crashing of plates stirs nothing, her attention is unbroken.

She feared loss, she feared being alone, but, she is also strong. She has overcome what stood in her way and found her way out of a very long and dark tunnel.

She has found a purpose in life. So perhaps in the darkest places we find ourselves, we find what it is that we are meant for.

I feel not only great sympathy for this woman, but great admiration as well

Does anyone else see what I see?