Barriers are the hearts way of telling the mind we are not yet ready.

Some are higher than others, they soar higher than birds can fly, they leave no way in.

Barriers can’t be broken. The only answer is to have patience.

I sit quietly, patiently, waiting for this barrier to dispel and it’s fragments to fade in the ether.

Perhaps all you need to find happiness is simply wait too.


Never run from your pain. Embrace it. Make it a part of your pride. It becomes a path towards your future.

Never hide from your pain. Learn from it. Don’t look for someone to blame. The fault lies with you and only you.

Never cower from your pain. Use it. You are the saviour you need. You are worth everything you desire.

Remember, you’re, you.

Beauty, Do You Have It?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

A famous quote that has been etched into eternity, do you understand its meaning?

Beauty is different for each person, some see it in a smile, others in a persons eye and few see true beauty for what it is.

There are two types of beauty: Aesthetic Beauty and Intellectual Beauty.

These two types of beauty in this world are incomplete, simply because that’s all we are ever allowed to see.
Some will possess incredible physical beauty, in the common sense of the word, these woman can stop crowds of either gender with their stunning looks; these often times are considered the only remarkable traits they possess, they face the ridicule of those with a higher level of intelligence, they want to be considered equal, they want to be considered a person, not just an object.

Then you have intellectual beauty, this form of beauty is people will disregard it in favour of its polar opposite, It’s sad to think some don’t consider intelligence beautiful. Woman who posses this beauty yearn to be considered physically beautiful, they want desperately to be seen, they sacrifice their natural beauty to be something they are not, they become just another nameless face in the crowd.

The two forms of beauty bitterly fight with each other, and yet, they want what the other has. Such is the world contradictions.


Everyone possesses both forms of beauty, there is only one thing that stops them realising this.

We are all beautiful, but, before anyone else can see it, you must see it yourself.