One Voice

So wandering in a life without meaning,
They’re on their phones starting at what’s streaming,
Looking down you will never know,
What feelings people hide and do not dare show,
A cry for help from silent tears,
Running away from a reality so feared,
I see it all each and every day,
I am only one voice with so much to say.


Dying of the Light

We see this happening to our fellow man, our friends and even those closest to us.

As I gaze upon that which is inevitable, I weep. There is nothing I can do, nor say; there is nothing I can do to help. If it were possible I would tear out my own heart and bare your pain.

Eventually all light fades.

We sit and watch, the dying of the light.

Tainted Love

It’s sad to think if what could have happened or might have been, and what will never be.

We rebuild our walls and fortify them, nothing gets through. No emotion or feeling is strong enough, we become cold, distant; recluse.

Time heals that which was broken, almost yet not quiet the same. Life goes on; our walls stay strong. Then, just like that, the simplest of words raze the walls we had created to protect ourselves.

We are once again exposed, we are once again at the mercy of tainted love.

Fires ignite, our strength drains. All we can do I watch as our hearts open once again. Like an avalanche, this is unstoppable.

Pain and sadness fills the heart for this love we cannot have, what we should not have, because, it would destroy us.

The heart aches, it bleeds and cries out for it. This tainted love.

Remember Who You Are

We all have our reasons for letting go of our dreams and falling into the tide of conformity and routine. Many will lose their individuality for what they think will be an easy life, true enough, their life might feel easy yet can it be called life? Or merely existing.

All to often people will err on the side of caution thinking this is the right thing to do, I have some news for you; it isn’t. All this does is renounce any remaining free will you had left.

I can be rude, abrupt, harsh and occasionally hurtful. One of the many lessons I have learnt though is that it’s far better to be yourself, flaws and all; and see who accepts you because those are the people who you can call friends and even family.

Be who you are, otherwise there are those of us who will see WHAT you are. Try as you might, you cannot hide your true nature.

Sinful Thoughts.

Suddenly it became clear. Suddenly I understood what drives people to that place. Suddenly I understood why…

It is not weakness, nor is it cowardice, desperation or even a cry for help; it is and always will be the point that people reach where they have had enough. We grow tired of the mundane, the ever repeating cycle of stupidity.
Trapped we are, nay, ensnared in this wheel of perpetual torment. We hear the same cries day after day only in different voices.

We grow tired of it all.

I have seen terrible things, known terrible people, and done terrible things. Yet, I’m still here; why? For the briefest of moments as I lay in the dead of the night unforgivable thoughts crossed my mind, sinful thoughts. I did not realise, I have also grown tired.
What was mere seconds seemed to last an eternity and it showed me a place I never knew, it showed me tears I had never seen, cries I had never heard; it showed me what drives a person to end it all.

The allure of everlasting silence, it is beautiful.

Looking back, looking forwards, neither matter; all that matters is what we do in the moment. True, the moment can be governed by both the past and the future, if we let it.

Again another contradiction.