Would You?

Time after time I hear excuses, my excuses. My lies to myself to justify what i know is a falsehood, I am intellectually stupid and self deprecating.

Previously I have written and talked about so much that is in it’s simplest form honest truths, I have a way of influencing others and remarkably ignoring my own advice. So foolish. Knowing how people see you, how they think of you and what they say is enlightening and it makes me wonder.

To those who love me, If I was to become a snake and begin devouring other humans, cutting down those in my way or those who seek to cause harm the the ones I care about, would you still love me in the same way?

If I was to speak that which resides in my mind and unleash the horrid truths on people that they never want to admit, would you think differently of me?

Was I to let go of all self control and let every emotion, every dream, every fear and thought roam free, would you still accept me?


2 thoughts on “Would You?

  1. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is the knowledge that you don’t matter. It sounds masochistic or degrading but if you think about it enough you come to realize that because you are only ephemeral, temporary and that you can be replaced and are irreplaceable in your impermanence you learn what matters most. You have nothing to fear. In the event you lost control I would simply stop you, with force if needed, because you are loved.

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