Tainted Love

It’s sad to think if what could have happened or might have been, and what will never be.

We rebuild our walls and fortify them, nothing gets through. No emotion or feeling is strong enough, we become cold, distant; recluse.

Time heals that which was broken, almost yet not quiet the same. Life goes on; our walls stay strong. Then, just like that, the simplest of words raze the walls we had created to protect ourselves.

We are once again exposed, we are once again at the mercy of tainted love.

Fires ignite, our strength drains. All we can do I watch as our hearts open once again. Like an avalanche, this is unstoppable.

Pain and sadness fills the heart for this love we cannot have, what we should not have, because, it would destroy us.

The heart aches, it bleeds and cries out for it. This tainted love.