Remember Who You Are

We all have our reasons for letting go of our dreams and falling into the tide of conformity and routine. Many will lose their individuality for what they think will be an easy life, true enough, their life might feel easy yet can it be called life? Or merely existing.

All to often people will err on the side of caution thinking this is the right thing to do, I have some news for you; it isn’t. All this does is renounce any remaining free will you had left.

I can be rude, abrupt, harsh and occasionally hurtful. One of the many lessons I have learnt though is that it’s far better to be yourself, flaws and all; and see who accepts you because those are the people who you can call friends and even family.

Be who you are, otherwise there are those of us who will see WHAT you are. Try as you might, you cannot hide your true nature.