Sinful Thoughts.

Suddenly it became clear. Suddenly I understood what drives people to that place. Suddenly I understood why…

It is not weakness, nor is it cowardice, desperation or even a cry for help; it is and always will be the point that people reach where they have had enough. We grow tired of the mundane, the ever repeating cycle of stupidity.
Trapped we are, nay, ensnared in this wheel of perpetual torment. We hear the same cries day after day only in different voices.

We grow tired of it all.

I have seen terrible things, known terrible people, and done terrible things. Yet, I’m still here; why? For the briefest of moments as I lay in the dead of the night unforgivable thoughts crossed my mind, sinful thoughts. I did not realise, I have also grown tired.
What was mere seconds seemed to last an eternity and it showed me a place I never knew, it showed me tears I had never seen, cries I had never heard; it showed me what drives a person to end it all.

The allure of everlasting silence, it is beautiful.

Looking back, looking forwards, neither matter; all that matters is what we do in the moment. True, the moment can be governed by both the past and the future, if we let it.

Again another contradiction.