Immense Sadness

Where has this feeling of overwhelming sadness come from? It feels like in holding back tears that aren’t my own.

I can feel immense sorrow emanating from somewhere close by, who could this feeling belong too? So alone, so lost, nothing but emptiness surrounds this aura.

To whom ever this Qi belongs to, they’re close to giving up, becoming ready to embrace life as a heartless soul; forever wandering without hope.

2 thoughts on “Immense Sadness

  1. When sadness happens, watch it but don’t judge it. Allow it to be there. When we allow things to happen, we free ourselves from our mind. We let go of forms and are able to feel the space within. Out of this awareness comes the solution or right action. Namaste.

    • Judgement is for those who lack the empathy to understand. My suspicions on the cause were correct, all I can do now is be there for them.

      Your words are full of wisdom, I hope to hear from you again one day.


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