The Hold

The hold of the Insidious one is gentle at first, and then, without warning; he has you.

He will drain away your very soul until nothing is left but his puppet. My words of warning fell on deaf ears; again.

The only ones who will stand against him are those who possess fear… Not the fear of him, the fear of what they will do.

I have met this man.
He disgusts me.
I fear I would lose my control.
I fear what I will do if given the chance.
I fear my rage.

I have sat by and watched it happen before and nothing I did could save the past.

Will now be any different?

I doubt it. All I can do is pass the knowledge I have and pray she helps herself.

To her I say: ‘Be strong and don’t let go of yourself’ and to he: ‘Pray we never meet alone’.