Life is a Play

Life is a play,
It repeats itself day after day,
Year after year;
The only thing that changes is the people who play the roles.

I was asked not to assume how someone feels. I can agree with their logic behind the comment, however, they lack the understanding to comprehend how I think and as a result they will never know why I make the assumptions I do. I am rarely wrong with such things; how can I say this?

The truth is they are not assumptions, they are the voices and echoes of experience. Experience that was never shared with anyone except for me.

I draw on the emotions of others, I share their feelings, I embrace their Qi and their energy; good, bad, it doesn’t matter. This helps me understand their pain and the very essence of their being. It has given me a keen sense of who and what people are, the only time I have been wrong is once.

Love is truly blind.

When I speak it is not me speaking but the countless souls who’s paths I have crossed, I speak all the unspoken words they could never say, the feelings they could never express; the love and the hate they could never give.

I am a vessel for that which otherwise would always and forever remain unspoken.