As I stood in a twilight summers evening, I look deep into her eyes. Thoughts of losing her were one that I had denied because of what I didn’t want to admit, I was once again in love:

I was hers.

A Picture of Perfect Chaos

From the outside looking in I appear calm and concise, from the inside look out I am a picture of perfect chaos. 

The ripples of a pebble cast long ago continue to flow outwards, continuously affecting the choices of those caught in their wake. It was time to cast mine stone, the waves it will make shall disperse the continuing ripples that flow have affected me for so long, with frightening pace my choice will overshadow them all. 

I took back that which was mine, I tore through the armoured chest, split open the steel helm, ripped the soul from that which stood before me; is saw the heart in my hand, hesitating to crush it until I finally let it go: and watched as is fell to the floor. I was hers no more, my heart was once again my own.

I now choose where my feelings are placed, that was the gift I was given. The memories of old beautifully forgotten, A love that was broken in pieces and buried deep; now only lingering memories remain, in time those will fade away.

We are free to make a choice, we are not free from the consequences of that choice.