Looking Inwards

Why is it the ones we love become the ones who make us cry?

Life has become a flurry of emotions, histories have become self repeating, have I caused all of this? Am I the source of the calamities…

Helping people has been one of my core values, or so I thought, maybe I only help people to really help myself? Am I helping or interfering, the line between these two is so close it’s almost indistinguishable. Mistakes need to be made so we can learn, what place is it of mine to stop people feeling the pains they invite unto themselves; after all, pain demands to be felt.

In an effort to save people I have forgotten what it means to them… I have forgotten that all of my knowledge has come from experience, all of my strength has come from pain, all of my confidence from insecurity and beneath my calm – deep within a storm waits for its opportunity to escape.

The thoughts that bandy around my head are easy to workout, my mind runs through all the potential variables, it takes in all the potential actions and possibilities and arrives at the most likely outcome, the saddest thing is I have yet to be wrong.

Such is the mind of a mad man.