Shadow at the Door

A mysterious shadow blocks half of the pale moonlight gleaming through the glass, I approached the door with curiosity, only to find someone with a deepened look of sadness and confusion; I let her in.

After more talk the circle seemed never ending, I could feel her emotion climbing to its highest peak and still she held it back; afraid of the ramifications of expressing it. I eventually succumb and give her another chance, even though she still did not understand completely; to take things one step at a time was the point we had reached, can a trust that is lost be regained without complete understanding of why? Time will reveal all.

Days have passed and I feel I’m becoming increasingly more distant, starting again with reservations and doubt is weighing as heavily on my mind as it is hers.

Being more open is not an easy thing, we fear the judgement of others for exposing our true selves and having all our flaws laid out for those closest to see. I miss the expression of honesty that filled the air at the start, the more I felt it become dampened the more I began to hesitate; after all of the worry and trouble of the past the value of risks bacame easy to see.

Black and white is the word most commonly used to describe me, although I feel life is more like a colour wheel than just two bold colours, it is the choices we make that are black and white in the end.