The Answer is Always the Same.

The answer is always the same.

I’m sorry. Repeated over and over, its become all too common and familiar.

A decision made to protect pride can cause more damage than by the act of opening up to friends and be seen as vulnerable. Nobody likes to feel weak or dependant on others, even when it is an integral part of life, it’s just one of those perceptions of our self image we don’t want tarnished.

So many want to be the strong one, the hero and the one people come to when they are In need. To be perceived as having unwavering resolve is an image we want to keep, but from my experience this is impossible, because to posses such a talent would make us perfect.

If we were all perfect beings we would have nothing left to give, we would no longer be able to grow and as a result never learn.

I can understand why people make the choices they do and what drives them. The more I learn about people, the harder it gets because I am no longer able to hide behind the veil of ignorant bliss that shields so many from the truth of the world.

I have been called cold and callus for my views and my ability to voice what other fail to say. True, my words may not be what people want to hear but at least they are the truth.

This thought brings me back to the point of which I started thinking today, and why the simple question cannot be answered.


Knowing what was known. Why?

Reasons and excuses I can understand, as conflicting to each other as they are. It’s the simple honest answer that seems to be the hardest to voice, perhaps it’s for fear of what more damage could be caused? Irregardless of that an honest answer is always what’s sought.