A long walk.

As I walk alone in the dark of the night. There is some comfort in it’s solitude.

The stars could not be seen, there was a thick layer of clouds far reaching over the heavens. As I walked with nothing but my thoughts ,an age old question which answer had been a mystery became clear, something so simple and yet easily missed.

Why do we act the way we do: it’s what we need.

We will seek that which we feel we need, selfishly naive and filled with desire we shall seek out that which seems neglected from us, and it does not matter where the spice of our relief lies as long as we get it.

After what has seemed like an eternity I finally understood what the question really meant. I had know the answer from the start, but only now did I understand it.

As I continue to walk I am accompanied by only the sound of my footsteps, and the beating of my heart, but still I have a strange feeling emanating from the depths of my Qi.

Time will reveal all.