Broken Smile

She struggles to let go, holding on tot the past, cut more deeply than she care to admit, this much is clear by the look behind her eyes.

The look is not like the others I have seen, those are filled with regret and remorse of their choices, the look of this woman… it is the closest one to my own.

The deeper the cut the larger the smile. It is the only way to stop the pain, those with this kind of wound have those subtle lines that can be seen when they smile, as the smile reaches it’s peak, testament to the fact they once were happy.

These smiles are the that of a kind soul for whom the most important element is trust and trust alone.

I can see her trust was broken, once there was a choice to listen to her gut and accept the silent voice of her subconscious and to see things for what they were but it was ignored for only one reason… She truly cared and that is why she bares such a scar on her heart.

We all have scars, some deeper than others and some that may never heal unless let past forgotten and let go.

So just let go, once you do I promise it will be over.