Revolving Thoughts

My revolving thoughts sit in the endless sky, they’re always there repeating the same questions, the same answers; each and every time I can see that which history bring full circle, it is an infinite paradox.

Are things destined to stay chained in places waiting to play out their parts as they did before, or do things evolve with time?

The Qi of those closest is sad, so many are hiding behind a smile and burying their pain all because they do not want the pity that would follow their story, and there is nothing I can do to help them.

Powerlessness is something that looms over everyone because what can we really do? We want to protect those we love, we want to bring down those who wrong others, we want to be more than we are and yet those actions sought are illusive.

Some many thoughts have been manifesting themselves in my dreams, yet I lack the words to describe them. Some are indistinguishable from reality they cause me to wake in confusion, and as I often lay there in the dark of the knight I look out to the stars and seek their wisdom.

The stars have seen countless life’s but cannot change anything that happens in them. Recently this is how I have started to see people, nothing more than bystanders who will not change, people who will never do what needs to be done and because of this history will always repeat itself.