Memories of Nobody

I was sat quietly with my thoughts, simply watching the world pass by, seeing everything and trying to see nothing; it was at this moment my gaze was caught by someone with a vacant smile.

A tall young woman with long yet thin rose coloured hair, skin so dry that it had cracked and dull blue eyes that could only see sadness. This is what I could see, although not outwardly apparent.

To my surprise she approached me, after some general conversation and a passing comment ‘considering how I’ve spotted you sat in the same place you must never work’ we laughed and I asked what made her say hello, it was a simple and gratifying answer ‘you just look very friendly and like a good listener’ this brought a slight smile to my face, it also brought with it questions of what she wanted to talk about and why.

This young woman seems lost in the past, a place I could understand she was in, any advise of wisdom I could impart onto her suddenly vanished from consciousness, I only had emotion left.

“It seems to me you keep looking back over your shoulder in the hope that things will go back to how the were, I’m sorry to say they won’t. The longer you hold on the longer it will hurt, it is never nice to be treated in such a way but unfortunately that’s often how life plays out. In time the cut will heal and then it will scar over then one day eventually fade away until the remnant memories are of a faceless, nameless shadow. All you need do is just keep moving forwards with your life.”

Shortly after we parted company and she thanked me for listening.

I guess that all anyone can do is keep moving forwards, away from those who hurt us, and in the end you are left with memories of nobody.