Frozen, unable to move, unable to reach out, unable to stop their world from collapsing around them… that is what it feels like to be powerless, that is what it feels like to watch events unfold that you can do nothing to change, That is what it feels like to be truly helpless.

In our lives we all know these moments will eventually take hold and all we can do is watch. As the dust settles and the air clears we are made painfully aware that there was nothing we could have done, sometimes that is our penance, we must sit by and watch those we love suffer.

No matter how hard we try not everyone can be saved.

To dwell on these events and let them cloud our thoughts will only serve to indulge our own self pity, and so, in allowing this to happen we not only begin to lose those around us, we begin to lose ourself. 

I have been in this position, all I can say is this. 

“It’s not your fault, you cannot change the events of the past. They are done. Grieve and let your scars heal, let go of the way things were and focus on the now or risk losing your way. I know it is easy to say such things, please, have some faith in my words and don’t stop living.”